Khalil and Mr. Hagerty and the Backyard Treasures

Things to Talk and Think About:

1. How are Khalil and Mr. Hagerty different? How are they alike?

2. Khalil is learning new words, while Mr. Hagerty forgets some of his. How do they help each other? Can words bring us together? Can they push us apart?

3. Do you have a friend who's much older or younger than you? What do you share? What kind of things do you do together?

4. Near the end of the book, Khalil and Mr. Hagerty both get wonderful surprises. Has anyone ever surprised you? What was it like? (Note: not all surprises are wonderful!)

5. Why do you think the book has treasures in its title?

Things To Do:

1. Make a list of things you treasure. You can draw them or make them into a poem. Remember – some treasures can't be seen or held in your hand.

Tricia's Treasures

2. Have a treasure hunt! Hide a small treasure, then create a map or write out clues to follow. Do this outside or in.

3. Plant a seed of kindness in your classroom or home. In the classroom, students are assigned another classmate, then secretly write a note, draw a picture, or create some other treasure to surprise their buddy. Families can do the same thing. Watch the happiness bloom!

4. Plant real seeds, in your yard on your windowsill.

5. Using paper towels, corn starch and seeds, make your own seed tapes to plant or give as gifts. Find easy directions on-line.

Eats and Treats to Share:

1. Chocolate cake

2. Veggie sticks – including carrots

3. Hummus and pita bread, a snack Khalil's family enjoys


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