Monthly Archives: May 2019

Our long vigil is over!

The long, harsh winter and cold, wet spring have finally given way to fragrant, blooming summer.┬áTo add to the happiness, I’ll soon have some good news to share…

Still, the end of a school year is always bittersweet. For me, school visits are wonderful for many reasons:

***Getting to hang out with kids, something that weirdly enough, holed up in my writing cave as I so often am, I don’t do nearly enough.

***Popping the bubble. I live in an inner ring suburb, and I get to meet kids growing up in settings far different from mine: urban schools where the challenges are enormous and never-ending, private schools where the environment is rich and nurturing for children of every ability and learning style, and everything in between. It’s a sober reminder that the kids we write for grow up in shockingly different situations and begin life on unjustly uneven playing fields.

***Being inspired. And I don’t mean just to keep writing, or to write the stories kids deserve, though that always happens. This year I took part in #KidsNeedMentors, where I partnered with two third grades who not only shared their writing with me but collaborated with me on first drafts of a new picture book. Their perspectives and observations blew my mind. I’ll be writing a post about this program and how teachers and librarians can become part of it next year.

But for now…it’s time to wander outside and smell the peonies.