Monthly Archives: March 2019

Some Days in the Life

I spent the morning working on a new novel. About 11,000 words in and it’s going so well I should be alarmed. I shouldn’t even say how much I’m enjoying writing it aloud, much less put it in writing, for fear of jinxing myself–especially since it’s in two voices and one of them is a boy’s, something I’ve never been able to make work. But for now I’m humming happily along. It’s a little like the first stages of making a new friend, when the excitement over what you’re discovering about the new person (and so yourself) far outweighs the fear of the disappointments and problems that may life ahead.

Does that make sense?

Other things that have been happening–lots of school visits. I’ve done so many of these over the years, and yet they never get old. I still get nervous the night before. I still wonder, as soon as the kids start filing into the library or gym, why on earth I ever get nervous.

I’m about to make a small video for the Nutmeg Book Award. CODY AND THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE  is one of the (many wonderful) nominees.

The State Library of Ohio hosted a celebration for all the Choose to Read Ohio authors. I can’t think of kinder or more interesting people to spend time with than these librarians and my fellow authors, including Jennifer Maschari, Carmella Condon Van Vleet,Brandon Marie Miller, Louise Borden, Mary Kay Carson,Margaret Peterson Haddix and Tim Bowers. This year’s Floyd’s Pick is Jacqueline Woodson. She is from Ohio and lives in New York. I’ve from New York and live in Ohio. So glad our shooting stars crossed. (The only reason I’m front and center is because I am so ridiculously small!)

And on a (more) personal note, on March 8 our youngest daughter Delia married Patrick, the love o’ her life, at New York City Hall. Delia had new shoes, a handsome groom and, I’m sure you’ll agree, the world’s most adorable flower girl.