The writer-teacher-librarian world has so many wonderful conferences. Years ago I got to go to the American Library Association, and last fall I was at the meeting of the National Council of English Teachers.  These are amazing events, with energy levels through the (very high convention center) roof.  I attend as a presenter, but spend most of my time listening and taking in what others have to share. Also–I get to fan-girl at talks by favorite writers and bloggers.

This coming week it’s

I’ve never been to AWP before–let alone Tampa. And though I know Karina and Janet through e-mail and e-chat, I’ve never met them for real. Writing is a solitary profession, so the chance to talk shop and craft with my co-workers is a crazy delight.  Besides the Florida sunshine, there’s much to look forward to.

(By the way, AWP stands for Association of Writers and Writing Programs! Lots of university presses and MFA programs are represented, so the book-browsing should be stellar.)


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