Mother Nature and the calendar are out of synch. The temperature’s in the high 80’s again, with another week of heat forecast, but it’s also the official end of summer, with pools closing and schools opening. In fact, some schools around here have already been in session for weeks, pushing back their start date so they can get in more prep for the Tests. Don’t get me started on that, okay?

Being a fiction writer, I’m often caught unsure what season it is–the one in the book I’m writing, or the one outside my window. At the moment, I’m watching icicles melt and daffodils push their green, butter-knife leaves up through the dirt. The fourth CODY book is set in the early spring, and even as the last tomatoes ripen in my (real) garden, Cody has just lost another mitten, and is horrified to have witnessed a spring-fevered-Wyatt kiss that Payton Underwood (what is he thinking?)

I love living in two worlds. Whenever I come home from a trip, I open my suitcase but can’t bring myself to unpack right away. I enjoy leaving it open, so I’m neither here nor there but both at once. The cat likes it too–so cozy to curl up among rumpled clothes. I’ve always been a greedy sort, one life not enough.

I’m also taking notes for another new book. The intermediate, hunting and gathering phase of writing–my favorite. It’s possible this will be a historical novel. I’m reading about zeppelins. And high button shoes. And poison gas. Here is what my desk looks like right now:

Meanwhile, in Mother Nature’s world, it’s hot and bright and this afternoon I’ll be back at my city pool, my urban Shangri-La, open for three more precious swims! Enjoy yourself, wherever you are right now.


Current favorite quote: Comparison is the thief of joy.

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