Monthly Archives: August 2015

American Association of School Librarians

So come November, this wonderful organization will be holding its national conference in Columbus  OH (aka, my back yard)!   I look forward to going and to meeting as many of my people as I can. Where I live, the School Librarian is an endangered species. I’m anticipating the kind of energy that large groups of smart, dedicated, kid-loving women (and always a few superior men) can generate. Hear us roar!

Meanwhile, I have an essay in the May-June edition of AASL’s  journal “Knowledge Quest” It highlights the crucial importance of the work librarians do, everywhere and always but especially here and now in places like my Rust Belt, where poverty is still on the rise, and the gap between the educations wealthy and poor children receive has never been wider.

Speaking of inequities and those who endorse them:  the Republicans are coming here to Cleveland in two days.  I’ve been eyeing the fallen (rotten) tomatoes in my garden, but promise to behave myself.