Books of Wonder

My journey to book wonderland almost didn’t happen. Just before we left for the airport (an hour away), we got word that our flight was cancelled. That was the day a plane skidded off the La Guardia runway, and the airport shut down. Whomp.  Flights the next day were already sold out.  Not for nothing did I marry a superhero.  “We’ll drive,” he said, and within the hour we were  on route 80 through Pennsylvania (aka Painsylvania).

Here I am on the sidewalk outside the store:

I had a (literally) honking head cold, my first in years (note to self: build up immunity by working more sub hours in the library children’s room) and concentrated on not breathing on anyone, but still what a fun afternoon! I got to sit in between Pam Munoz Ryan, who rather than read played the harmonica, and Kat Yeh, who talked about fake food and real writing.

My crazy beloved family, my editor Donna Bray and my friend Mary Norris were all there, and for some reason so was Richard Peck, yes THE Richard Peck, a man so gracious all I could do was stutter and gawp.

Were we happy or were we happy?

Didn’t even mind that loooong ride back home.

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