Books of Wonder

When my husband and I go to NYC, we almost always make a pilgrimage to City Bakery, home of the famous pretzel croissant and hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows as big my fist.

Almost right across the street is the children’s book store, in what many people consider the book city.

It’s ┬áimpossible to resist going in, but I always feel some trepidation. So many yes, wonderful, books! It’s humbling. And to be honest, anxious-making. How can there be room on the shelves for them all? If mine aren’t there, I understand, oh I really do, but still…

Well. This coming Saturday, March 7, not only will my books be there, but so will I! With Pam Munoz Ryan and Kat Yeh, two superb middle grade writers  in whose company I blush to be.

If you’re anywhere near, please stop in. And don’t forget about those marshmallows!

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