I just finished a draft of the third book in my new CODY series. The working title is “Trust Cody”, but since I’m known for clunky titles, that will probably change. ┬áIt’s about 500 words too long, rough around the edges, etc. etc., but woot! It’s got a solid backbone (got backbones on the brain, as Cody is currently into invertebrates).

So…it seems like a nice time to share a bit of the advanced praise “Cody and the Fountain of Happiness”, publishing in April, has gotten, like this unbelievably generous quote from Sarah Pennypacker, creator of “Clementine”:

“Cody is perfectly charming and charmingly imperfect. I’m already hoping for more…”

And from Megan McDonald, who gave the world Judy Moody and Stink:

“Every First Day of Summer should start with Cody. Whether communing with ants, spouting science, or curing a case of the whim-whams, Cody’s story is witty, heart-warming and wise.”

Two masters of the early middle grade novel–never in a million years did I hope to keep company with them.

Finding a corner to sit in and count my blessings…

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