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Years ago when I started writing this journal, I vowed to only write about writing. Far too many others catalogued what they cooked or bought,  what their cat or kid or boyfriend did, how much they loved/hated their jobs or hair or weekend.  I didn’t want to join the chorus–partly because I’m a snob and partly because I was afraid I’d be too boring.

I’ve stuck to that resolution pretty faithfully, but today I can’t help sharing two up-close and personal things. One is the card, above and below, that my middle girl Phoebe made me for Mother’s Day. My father always taught his kids, and I tried to teach mine, that Handmade Is  Best. Look no further for proof. In “What Happened on Fox Street”, Dottie sometimes breaks out into The Dance of Joy, and that’s what I’m calling this drawing, which will live forever here on my desk.

Two is that my oldest daughter, Zoe, found her wedding dress last weekend. She is not a shopper (direct descendant) and was threatening to buy it sight unseen on-line. Phoebe and Baby Delia boarded a bus to Boston and took her in hand. They phoned me from the shop where The Dress  was found. Many e-mailed photos, some discussion but mostly aahs and oohs later, and the decision was unanimous.  I’d have loved being there with them, but on the other hand, it gives me immeasurable pleasure that the three of them did this on their own, together. Sister Power! The first thing I did afterwards was tell my own two sisters all about it.

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