This week…

…a phenomenal groundswell of readers, writers, booksellers and librarians turned into a three day campaign called We Need Diverse  Books. If you head over to, you can share in some of the heartfelt, moving and funny messages posted by hundreds of people of all ages. One day people posted photos, the next there was a massive twitter outpour–#WeNeedDiverseBooks–and the third, people were urged to vote with their feet and buy some books! It was social media at its finest, and let’s hope the messages continue to resonate. My tiny contribution to all this : “We need diverse books because a big reason we read (and write) is to know we’re not alone.”

And this week my essay on cooking and eating with old friends came out in Cleveland Magazine

And this week I planted my first rose bush ever. I’ve always been daunted by how much care they take, but this one’s tag  claimed “If you can dig a hole, you can plant a rose.” Yes, I notice it does not say you can actually make it grow and thrive, but I bit. What do you want to bet my yard will soon look like this:

 Happy new week to all.

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