So Far, Not a Cruel Month!

photo by Erin Summerill

The skateboarders are zooming, the daffodils are blooming, and I’ve got really happy news: 

If all goes well (knocks wood, spins three times, bows to the east) this means I will have two new books in 2015 and two more in 2016. The genius who has engineered such wonderful possibilities is…

photo by Erin Summerill

…my wonderful agent Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary, here with me at our Florida retreat in February.  The photo on top is also from the event–me with Blythe Woolston, Sarah Aronson, and Kate Yeh (as well as somebody’s handsome husband whose name escapes me!)  It’s impossible to say how much Sarah’s support and faith have meant to me over the past few years. She’s part bulldog and part fairy godmother, and on top of everything else has a gorgeous British accent and wears dresses that can only be called frocks.  My stars aligned when she and I began to work together.

And without further segue, here’s a post about make belive I wrote for my favorite middle grade blog.  

Enjoy, believe!

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