Cody and the P Word

Yesterday I saw the latest layout and sketches for  “Not Even Cody”, my chapter book publishing next spring.  It wasn’t simple happy dance time. It was tango and salsa time. Flamenco,  crunking, Saturday night fever and mashed potato time all mixed together. Throw in a few pirouettes.   

My character Cody is not what you’d call the patient type–in fact, if she was in charge of the dictionary, that word would go right out the window.  She and I have had to learn the value of the p-word, as the book got delayed more than once, for reasons beyond earthly control. 

But Cody’s quite pleased now.  She loves her dolphin toe ring, her cowboy hat, her sweet deaf cat MewMew. Eliza Wheeler, who  illustrated the Newbery Honor Book “Doll Bones”, has created art to make you dance. Last year she posted a sneak preview here

Patience is a pain in the neck. I mean, patience is a virtue! Now, if Cody and I can only practice it till next year!

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