The W Word

John Updike once praised winter weather for how it brings us together–we huddle, we cuddle. At this point in a winter that just refuses to give up, it’s mostly bringing people I know together to moan, complain, and spew epithets.

But on Saturday my husband and I decided to fight back. We hitched up the sled dogs and mushed our way down to the Botanical Gardens in University Circle–reason #48 to come to Cleveland, oh those of you who never have. It’s the annual Orchid Mania Show, and the colors and perfumes of those crazy, surreal flowers were never more welcome.

For Sale! This side of the window: Eden. The other side: Siberia.

The ribbon winners! This is serious business, apparently.

The house of the orchid fairies!

I have an order in f0r a dress to match this one.

We also visited the glass house, home to plants, birds and butterflies of the cloud forest. Here’s a butterfly protesting that her picture is not on the educational sign.

And last but not least—

The gleeful turtle baby, long one of my very favorite sculptures. Even the February sun can’t resist shining on her.

There, don’t you feel a little bit better now? Good.

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