Wool socks, check.

Mittens, check.

Journals I mean to fill, books I mean to read and study, piles of notes I mean to Rumplestiltskin into gold, check.

On Sunday, I leave for four weeks at the Vermont Studio Center. On the grand scale of risk taking, going to a beautiful, secluded place where all that is expected of me is…nothing, this is pretty near the bottom. But it’s also a huge gift, and I’m putting high expectations on myself to use it well. I’ll be  revising two WIP, and (hope hope hope) getting a good start on a new novel.

Using the iffy reception of the Green Mountains as an excuse, I’m actually getting a real live twenty-first-century-phone that even takes PICTURES, which I hope to share here. Oh and if any of you see my husband around, please give him a big hug and maybe a hot meal ( feel guilty and sad about leaving him?  who, me?  yes, me.)

Hope your autumn holds some risks and surprises, too.