I’m a really cheap date in New York City. Buy me a bagel and a nice cup of coffee and I’m good for hours of walking around, watching people, looking in windows. This past weekend we found ourself in our daughter’s old upper (upper) West Side neighborhood, Morningside Heights, where the sidewalks are chock-a-block with book stalls and students. I saw a little boy in a Superman cape dash into a corner phone booth.  (maybe the only one left in the city?) Also an old guy with dreds playing sidewalk chess with a pink-cheeked, red-headed little girl, and a woman with legs as long as an egret’s swinging in a playground.

But it was hot–let’s not talk about it–and we wound up ducking into the lovely grounds of the cathedral of St. john the Divine, an enormous, as yet unfinished Gothic Revival building. There I took a few photos of the sculptures ringing a  fountain. In 1984, the cathedral had a children’s competition for sculptures of animals, and these are a few of the winners. Enjoy!

I love his spiral spots!

I'm sure he's about to sing--maybe "The Bear Went Over the Mountain"?

This sparrow flew down to join the penguins, no doubt hoping to chill with them.

This has to be the world's plumpest, jolliest unicorn.