Show and Yell, err… Tell

In the Department of Nice Coincidences, this year’s national cooperative summer reading program theme is

That’ s helped make ol’ Phoebe and her digger popular for summer story hours. This week I read and talked at my own beloved Cleveland Heights Library, where the way to the children’s room is paved with

I took to the road to visit neighboring libraries in Amherst and Oberlin. The dynamite librarians in those two towns collaborated on an afternoon that featured

At Amherst, the computers were decked out in construction worker vests, and the kids wrote their own stories–my favorite featured a bunch of tigers who took a summer walk through town, got thirsty, and enjoyed a Pepsi break.

In Oberlin, a group of flip-flopped girls and I worked on stories that just happened to include, somewhere, the phrase “dig in”. Characters were excavating bones, diamonds, traces of lost civilizations and carrots (this a fat, lonesome bunny).  I believe a couple of novels were in the works by the time I left.

And that reminds me: here’s a photo from last week’s visit to Cleveland Reading Camp, courtesy of the very lovely and incredibly organzied Emily, the OSU student who ran it.

 Paul and I also took a field trip to the Akron Art Museum, where we caught, just before it closed, the stunning and moving exhibit “The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats”. I was going to write about that, too, but the fact is, his greatness deserves its own post. So, see you next week.