Picture Day

You know how I always forget to take pictures.  No problem when I visited Normandy Elementary in Bay Village, OH, last week.  The staff took great photos, just one of  many things that made it one of the sweetest, smoothest school visits I’ve ever done. Here’s how I was greeted when I walked in the door: 

Students made those terrific, reptilian diggers, by the way.

The librarians had read PHOEBE to all the classes. Did I mention Normandy is K-2? Nearly 500 little dynamos in that building. They were so enthusiastic I got bold enough to do my first ever slide show. Here I am showing the difference between some of Jeff Newman’s early sketches and his finished illustrations:

A helpful teacher taught me how to pause the slides, which turns out to be a useful thing to know.  And after a long day of talking, reading, asking and answering questions, here we are chilling in the gorgeous school library:

Thank you, Normandy! I dig you all.