“Writeing is one thing I know…

…and I like Phoebe and Digger.”

That’s a  quote from one of the dozens of letters I got from Boulevard School after a recent visit. Here I am reading–I really need to work on my posture.

And here’s a shout-out to illustrator Jeff Newman:

A few more favorite quotes:

“I like to be a Tricia and a illlustrated.”

“If I see my big brother bullyin on my little brother I will tell him this author name, Mrs. Stringstubb.”

“When you talked I felt like I wanted to bee a Author. But it’s  hard to pick from all the jobs I want. I’m going to tell you. A peteyochrishen, dancer, singer, songwriter.”

“I really like your books!!!!!!!! Hope you win a reward. I believe in you. Make me proud.”

And a couple more drawings–wish I could include them all–this one from the next  Picasso:


And this one from a girl who cut straight to the heart of the plot.

One last treasure: I showed the kids some of the early sketches for the book, and many, including this girl, preferred the earlier, scarier version of The Bully.

Thank you again, wonderful Boulevard teachers and students!

3 thoughts on ““Writeing is one thing I know…

  1. LauraMaylene

    That first drawing isn’t bad posture…you’re clearly doing some high-level yoga move.

    I really love these. My favorite is the child who plans to drop your name to stop her bullying brother. Respect!

    1. Tricia

      When you’re speaking to a large group of children, it’s impossible to know who is absorbing what. (One child wrote me that I used a “Martin Luther King voice”–still not sure what that means, but I will take it for a compliment). So it’s really gratifying to get notes that show they were listening and thinking!

  2. Delia

    Oh my gosh, this warmed my heart on a Monday morning and made me laugh out loud. And I knew right a way what a ‘peteyochrishen’ was! I like the kid who was gonna tell your name to his/her brother!


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