March 6 is World Read Aloud Day.  Could there be a happier, more thrilling prospect than adults and kids across the globe making a hubbub as they share their favorite stories? So far I’ll be Skyping and reading with schools in Illinois and  Texas. If you’d like to have me, or another author, read with your favorite kids, contact me through this site or go to

From time time to time I publish an essay, and the most recent one, about what it’s like to sit behind the desk in the children’s room of the public library, is in the February issue of Cleveland magazine–the issue with the giant beer mugs on the cover. Here’s that link: (wow, I hope that really works)

A blog you’ve heard me mention before–From the Mixed Up Files– has a post I wrote up now. It’s about literary islands, home to baby dragons, wild ponies, red-haired orphans, notorious convicts and, of course pirates. You can read it at 

 And lastly, if you haven’t yet entered the giveaway for an ARC of my new picture book, it’s not too late. See the post below. There will be a giveaway for hardcover copies coming up soon on Goodreads.

Stay warm!