A First for Me

I’ve never done this before, but hear it’s fun, so…

Here on my desk sit two lovely ARCS (also known as lithos) of my new picture book PHOEBE AND DIGGER, which publishes March 26. For a chance to win one,  please leave a comment below by March 1. What would make this especially fun is if you shared some memory of your favorite, beloved toy.  Mind if I go first?

Saucy Walker!  I adored that doll, from her bouncy curls to her white plastic shoes. My grandmother sewed her a complete and exquisite wardrobe–I especially remember the turquoise corduroy overalls and silky print blouse to match. If any bully had tried to take her away from me, like the mean girl who snatches Digger, what would I have done? Cried my head off, probably. I was nowhere near as plucky as Phoebe.

I’ll personalize the giveaway copy for you or the child in your life. Thanks in advance for taking part! 

One thought on “A First for Me

  1. Joanne Roberts

    I saw your book over at Jennifer Bertman’s blog and am eager to read it. Thanks for the chance to OWN it.
    I think I played with my collection of Britains animals more than anything else. They went on vacation with me. They played in the sand, in my doll house, had adventures, reenacted movies, and naturally played farm or zoo. They taught me the difference between an Ibis and an Eland. And they were one of the few toys that my older brother would agree to play with too.
    Thanks for the reminiscence.

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