I’ve been getting friendly with a new novel.  We’ve had a couple of nice dates and only a few disagreements.  We’re nowhere near the commitment stage,  but I definitely want to get better acquainted.  Maybe even snuggle up.  We’ll see.

What got me started thinking about the new book was an article I read that said not only is 2012 a leap year, it’s also going to get a leap second.  It seems there are people, AKA the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, who actually get to add an extra second onto our lives.  They say they need to do this for reasons associated with cesium isotopes and atomic clocks and I say, Whatever!  I’m all for it!  They don’t have the power to subtract  time–at least I hope not.  

And one second is a lot.  Witness the walk I just took to the P.O., about three miles round trip.  In winter, when I can’t swim, I almost always go for a walk after writing, to digest and clear the palate (and, if I’m lucky, work out some brain kinks).  All the better if my walk has a goal which involves talking to other humans, since I spend so much of my day alone.

This afternoon when I set out it was still balmy, almost as warm as yesterday.  The wind was up so I took my umbrella and put on my big coat, fully expecting to be sweating  and cursing my pessimism halfway through the walk.  Instead, within what seemed a split second, things took a nasty turn. The wind went rogue.  The temperature dipped.  Rain spat then wept then busted the dam.  

By the time I’d mailed my woefully wet envelopes and turned around, I was buttoned to the chin,  had one fist burrowed in a pocket and the other wrapped around my umbrella, battling against a Mary Poppins lift-off.   My legs and feet were wet and freezing. So not fun.   

(As soon as I got home the rain stopped.  I had all day to take that walk.  I mean, I always get in the wrong line at the bank or store, too. )

How quickly things in life can turn, and turn again, for better or for worse.  I’m thinking about it a lot right now.


From Tricia’s Big Book 0f Opposites: Tonight my husband and I are going to hear the Cleveland Orchestra perform Beethoven’s Ninth, complete with that Ode to Joy.  At the same time, my daughter will be taking her final exam in Statistics.

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