a teeny bit of hypocrisy

When my girls were growing up, I followed most of the mother rules, written somewhere back in the mists of time,  including  intoning,  “It doesn’t matter if you win, so long as you try your best.”  I believe this!  I truly do.  And yet, winning is so very seductive. 

What Happened on Fox Street  just won the 2011 Ohioana Award for Children’s Literature.  You can read about the Ohioana Library and its work here:  http://www.ohioana.org   Two of the most delightful aspects of the award are that it showcases how rich the state’s writing community is, and that the winner of the Walter Rumsey Marvin Grant to a young and upcoming writer goes this year to Laura Maylene Walter, who just happens to be a member of my stellar writing group.  Laura’s career has rocketed over the last year, and I can’t wait to sit side by side with her at the award ceremony.

Meanwhile, back to writing and trying my best…

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