Summer Reading

In two weeks, I’m having a Skype visit with a library in Strongsville, OH.  Maria, the stellar librarian who invited me, just told me that every single copy of Fox Street that the Cuyahoga County Library owns (we’re talking big library here) is out!  Nothing could make me happier.  I’m imagining my book tucked in a swim bag, lying on a camp bunk bed, getting crawled on by ants at a picnic, staying up late because tomorrow there is NO SCHOOL.  So cool to think that all those library books are out on vacation adventures, too!

As for me, the books in my summer reading pile are getting dangerously close to avalanche stage.  Right now I’m reading Anna Karenina, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Evolution for Dummies (that would be mois).  Coming up are State of Wonder, by my idol Ann Patchett, a re-reading of the exquisite A Swift Pure Cry by Sibbhan Dowd, and the adorable new easy-chapter book Marty McGuire by Kate Messner.   

How about you?  Any recommendations?