You make me want to shout!

Do we look happy?

Last Saturday our daughter graduated from college.  For the second time.  She already has a degree in Spanish and Latin American studies, but after working for a while, she’s decided she wants to be in a medical profession.  So for the last two years she has carried around a backpack the size of a microwave, stuffed with books full of diagrams and language far more foreign to me than Spanish.  It’s hard to remember that there was a time when we could actually help her with her homework.

She got her biology degree cum laude from Cleveland State, a big urban university.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of students graduated, in a ceremony held in a huge, cavernous space, yet the palpable joy of all the familes gathered around us made it feel intimate.  Afterwards we all stood around outside taking photos, and I was glad all over again to live in this rusty, sturdy city where diversity is the norm.  Families of every size and hue posed and smiled and hugged as the seagulls wheeled overhead, doing their raucous best to add to the celebration.  Later we walked to our neighborhood Thai place and ate mango curry.  It was a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “You make me want to shout!

  1. Melinda Early

    Hi Tricia,

    I met you earlier this month when we sat next to each other at the Black Creek Bistro in Columbus. I was going through receipts and loose papers from my trip and found your hand written note with your web page. Hope you had a good weekend in Columbus and a rewarding book conference. And, I certainly hope the skies clear up in Ohio very soon. All my Ohio friends’ Facebook posts certainly sound depressing. Despite the rising Mississippi River, it’s very dry here in New Orleans. No sign of rain until next week; warm, breezy and humid is the daily forecast.
    I’ll look forward to periodically visiting your website and reading your journal musings, as well as information on your upcoming books.
    Say hello to your husband for me. It was great visiting with you that evening.
    Best regards,

  2. Tricia

    Thanks, Melinda. That was a lovely, serendipitous evening! The sun is shining here in OH (knocks woods, crosses fingers, etc.)
    I’ll look forward to keeping in touch on these pages. A big hello from Paul.

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