Time to Curl Up

Like a get-away car in a wild action film, the weather’s  made a two-wheeled u-turn.  Last time I posted, the day was warm and sunny, but today it’s all rain, wind and bluster. The laundry on the line is wetter than when I hung it yesterday.  The new garden bed we dug up is still waiting for me to plant something there.  It’s a good time for looking out windows, for writing, and of course for curling up with a book.

Or, just for curling up, period.

Billy and Habibi, our cats

One thought on “Time to Curl Up

  1. Laura Marcella

    Rainy, blustery days are very unproductive for me! All I want to do is grab a blanket and curl up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa and a good book! I’m at my best when it’s sunny. Sunshine makes me happy and gives me energy for all-day writing. 🙂

    Your cats are super adorable!

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